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Get to know our Hong Kong ambassadors and their favourite pants that help support their sweaty pursuits.

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Jess Shih (Instagram: @jeshih), Hysan Place train ambassador, is a personal trainer, a spin instructor at XYZ, and a coach at Lights Out.  

Get to know Jess: Jess is constantly getting sweaty and moving around town as she goes from teaching classes at different studios in Hong Kong.

Jess’s pick — Wunder Train Tight:

“The Wunder Train Tight has been a great midway point between feeling soft, while still feeling supported in movement. These pants feel almost like a second skin — while training, I feel free to stretch, sweat, and move through all planes of motion without feeling restricted. I personally love the high-rise design — it helps everything feel a little more put together.”


Jancy Mok (Instagram: @jancydeer), New Town Plaza yoga ambassador, is a yoga instructor and owner of The Yoga Yacht.  

Get to know Jancy: Jancy teaches yoga on a yacht among the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Her goal for teaching yoga is to bring happiness to the community. Besides her passion for yoga, Jancy also loves to dance, run, and workout at the gym.

Jancy’s pick — Align Pant:

“The Align Pant is the best yoga pant, ever. It’s soft like a baby’s skin and it’s like your second skin that support you to do any yoga pose. Just imagine clouds floating around your legs — I feel great every second that I’m wearing it.”


Vriko Kwok(Instagram: @vrikokwok), ifc Brazilian jiu-jitsu ambassador is a competitive BJJ practitioner and a skincare entrepreneur.

Get to know Vriko: Vriko started her sports journey three years ago and won a medal at her first BJJ tournament. She founded Herbs’Oil Hawaii with her best friend to create plant-based, healthy skincare products. In her free time, she also enjoys practicing Chinese calligraphy art.

Vriko’s pick — Fast and Free Tight:

“None of the pants I’ve tried before is as close to how lululemon’s pants feel. They’re comfortable to wear on a daily basis and also perfectly functional for my workout. I honestly feel less sore from training after wearing them. And who can forget the pockets? The feeling and the functions are just unbeatable.”


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