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English: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia: lululemon Store Black Friday Promotion:

Campaign Terms:

1. This Store Black Friday promotion offer (“Offer”) is made by the following lululemon entities (subject to where you shop) (collectively as “Lululemon:

Hong Kong SAR 

Lululemon HK Limited 

22F & 27F, Citicorp Center, 18 Whitfield Road, Hong Kong 

Macau SAR 

Lululemon Macau Limited 

Avenida da Praia Grande, no. 409, China Law Building 21st/F, Macau 


Lululemon athletica TW ltd. 

7/F., No. 50, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10456 


Lululemon Athletica SG Pte. Ltd.  

1 Harbourfront Avenue, #14-07 Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632 


lululemon athletica Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 

Upper Penthouse, Wisma RKT, No.2, Jalan Raja Abdullah,

For inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

2. This Offer begins from November 24, 2022 and ends on November 28, 2022 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”). 

3. During the Promotion Period, any guest(s) who completes a single purchase at any lululemon store in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia (exclude lululemon outlets and airport stores) with a net purchase of equal to or greater than the identified spending limit below (inclusive of any applicable tax) (“Qualified Purchase”) is eligible to receive a Black Friday Coupon (“BF Coupon”). This BF Coupon can be redeemed at the value identified below for any subsequent purchase (“Subsequent Purchase Value”) at any local lululemon store (exclude lululemon outlets and airport stores) situated in the market from which you made the Qualified Purchase. Combined transactions will not be considered as Qualified Purchases.


Qualified Purchase Value 

BF Coupon Value 

Subsequent Purchase Value    

Hong Kong 



HK$800 or above  




MOP800 or above 


TWD 8,000 (inc. VAT) 

TWD 1,500 (inc. VAT) 

TWD 3,000 (inc. VAT) 


SG$400 (inc. GST) 

SG$80 (inc. GST) 

SG$160 (inc. GST) 





4. Any prior purchases, purchases of lululemon Gift Cards or eGift Cards, or Qualified Purchase under lululemon Online Black Friday Promotion  ARE NOT qualified for this Offer.

5. After you complete a Qualified Purchase, our staff will present you with a BF Coupon. The BF Coupon is subject to its own terms and conditions (“BF Coupon Terms”). Please scan QR code to read it before you use it.

6. Each guest can only enjoy this Offer once during the Promotion Period. You are free to make multiple Qualified Purchases during the Promotion Period, but only one (1) BF Coupon will be given to you.

7. Employees, Ambassadors, Sweat Collective Program Participants of lululemon, its subsidiaries, related and affiliate companies are not eligible to this Offer.

8. Qualified Purchases made under this Offer is subject to our Return and Privacy Policies and Term of sale, which are available at lululemon.com.hk.

9. Whenever you make a return of your Qualified Purchase, any unused BF Coupon will become invalid automatically.

10. Unless required by applicable law and unless exchange for sizes, any other exchange is NOT available, but you may make a return of your Qualified Purchases. If you make a return, you will need to return all item(s) together with your BF Coupon (we will not entertain any partial returns); or you pay the price difference of the BF Coupon you used in your subsequent purchase.

11. Lululemon may amend or cancel this Offer at any time without prior notice. Please visit lululemon.com.hk for the latest update and its terms and conditions.

12. The decision of lululemon in interpreting these terms and conditions shall be final and conclusive.

BF Coupon Terms:

1. Limit one Store Black Friday “coupon” (“BF Coupon”) for one transaction. This BF Coupon can only be used in your next purchase within the period from 5 December 2022 until 29 January 2023 (both dates inclusive).

2. Only original BF Coupon is valid for the discount at any local lululemon store (exclude lululemon outlets and airport stores) situated in the market (Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia) from which you made the Qualified Purchase, and must be presented to our staff when making payment.

3. This BF Coupon cannot be transferred, copied or replicated. It is not valid for any purchases from any lululemon online stores.

4. This BF Coupon is only applicable to full-priced products and cannot be used to purchase lululemon Gift Cards or eGift cards.

5. This BF Coupon cannot be combined and used with any other existing promotions, offers or discounts, and cannot be used for price adjustments on prior purchases.

6. Subject to our store return policy, products purchased with this BF Coupon are considered FINAL SALE (No return or exchange is available, unless otherwise required by law).

7. You must have an existing guest profile (with a valid email) or create a new guest profile (with a valid email) with us before you may enjoy this BF Coupon in your next purchase.

8. Your purchase with this BF Coupon is subject to our Privacy policies and Terms of Sale, which are available on lululemon.com.hk

9. This BF Coupon cannot be exchanged, redeemed or refunded for cash or any kind of credits.

10. Should any dispute arise, the decision of lululemon shall be final and conclusive.

11. Depending on physical distancing and capacity restrictions, you may experience queues at checkouts, fitting rooms and the entrance of the store. We ask for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.


繁體中文: 香港、澳門、台灣、新加坡和馬來西亞:lululemon 門市黑色星期五促銷: 


1. 本門市黑色星期五促銷優惠(以下簡稱「優惠」)由以下 lululemon 實體(以你的購物地點為準)(統稱為「lululemon」)提供: 


lululemon HK Limited 

中國香港威非路道 18 號萬國寶通中心 22 樓及 27 樓 


lululemon Macau Limited 

中國澳門南灣大馬路 409 號中國法律大廈 21 樓 


lululemon athletica TW ltd. 

台北市中山區松江路 50 號 7 樓,10456 


lululemon Athletica SG Pte. Ltd. 

新加坡海濱大道 1 號吉寶灣大廈 14-07 號,098632 


lululemon athletica Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 

Upper Penthouse, Wisma RKT, No.2, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail 50300, Kuala Lumpur 

相關事宜請諮詢:[email protected]。 

2. 本優惠於 2022 年 11 月 24 日開始,至 2022 年 11 月 28 日結束(含起止日期)(以下簡稱「促銷期」)。 

3. 促銷期內,任何顧客在香港特別行政區、澳門特別行政區、台灣、新加坡或馬來西亞的任何 lululemon 門市完成單筆消費,且消費淨額等於或高於以下指定消費限額(含任何適用稅款)(以下簡稱「合格消費」),即有資格獲贈一張黑色星期五優惠券(以下簡稱「黑五優惠券」)。在你合格消費所在市場的任何當地 lululemon 門市進行後續消費時,可按下述價值兌換此黑五優惠券(以下簡稱「後續消費價值」)。合併交易不視為合格消費。 






港幣 $2000

港幣 $400 

港幣 $800 或以上  


澳門幣 2000 

澳門幣 400 

澳門幣 800 或以上 


台幣 8,000(含稅) 

台幣 1,500(含稅) 

台幣 3,000(含稅) 


新幣 $400(含商品和服務稅) 

新幣 $80(含商品和服務稅) 

新幣 $160(含商品和服務稅) 


馬來西亞令吉 1200 

馬來西亞令吉 250 

馬來西亞令吉 500 


4. 任何之前的消費、購買 lululemon 禮品卡或電子禮品卡,或在 lululemon 黑色星期五線上促銷活動中的合格消費均不符合本優惠的條件。 

5. 在你完成合格消費後,我們的工作人員會贈送你一張黑五優惠券。黑五優惠券有專門的條款與條件(以下簡稱「黑五優惠券條款」)。請在使用前掃描二維條碼閱讀相關條款。 

6. 每位客人在促銷期內只能享受此優惠一次。你可在促銷期內任意進行多次合格消費,但僅可獲贈一 (1) 張黑五優惠券。 

7. lululemon、其子公司、相關公司和附屬公司的員工、品牌大使、熱汗社群計畫參加者不符合本優惠資格。 

8. 享受此優惠的合格消費受我們的退貨及隱私權政策以及銷售條款的約束,可在 lululemon.com.hk 查閱相關條款。 

9. 若你的合格消費商品退貨,任何未使用的黑五優惠券將自動失效。 

10. 除適用法律要求及更換尺碼外,任何其他更換均不支持,但你的合格消費商品可以退貨。如果你要退貨,需將所有商品連同你的黑五優惠券一同退回(我們不接受部分退貨);或者你支付你在後續消費中使用的黑五優惠券差價。 

11. lululemon 可隨時修改或取消此優惠,無需事先通知。請造訪 lululemon.com.hk 瞭解最新動態及其條款與條件。 

12. lululemon 對這些條款與條件的解釋應是最終和具有決定性的。 


1. 單筆消費限單一門市黑色星期五「禮券」(「BF 禮券」)。此 BF 禮券僅可用於下次購買時使用,購買日期須介於 2022 年 12 月 5 日至 2023 年 1 月 29 日之間(包含此兩個日期)。 

2. 僅限原始黑五優惠券方可在你合格消費所在市場(香港特別行政區、澳門特別行政區、台灣、新加坡和馬來西亞)的任何當地 lululemon 門市享受折扣,並且須於付款時向我們的工作人員出示。 

3. 此黑五優惠券不可轉讓、複製或仿製。不適用於在 lululemon 線上門市的消費。 

4. 此黑五優惠券僅適用於全價產品,不能用於購買 lululemon 禮品卡或電子禮品卡。 

5. 此黑五優惠券不能與其他現行促銷、優惠或折扣合併使用,也不能用於更改之前購買商品的價格。 

6. 根據我們的門市退貨政策,使用此黑五優惠券購買的商品被視為最終銷售(不提供退貨或換貨,除非法律另行規定)。 

7. 你必須已有顧客個人資料(含有效電子郵件)或新建一份顧客個人資料(含有效電子郵件),方可在你下次消費時使用本黑五優惠券。 

8. 你使用此黑五優惠券消費時,須遵守我們的隱私權政策和銷售條款,詳情請參閱 lululemon.com.hk。 

9, 此黑五優惠券不能用於兌換或退還現金或任何形式的積分。 

10. 如果出現任何爭議,lululemon 的決定應是最終和具有決定性的。 

11. 根據社交距離和容量限制,你可能會在結帳處、試衣間和門市入口處遇到排隊的情況。在這個前所未有的時期,請你耐心等待並給予理解。 

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