Here to Be


Here to Be

We believe everyone has the right to be well. Together with our partners, we disrupt inequity in wellbeing through movement, mindfulness, and advocacy.



To disrupt inequity in wellbeing through movement, mindfulness, and advocacy.

Everyone has the right to be well. We recognize that trauma takes a heavy toll and know that movement and mindfulness practices have the power to support mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Yet, systemic inequities create barriers to access. Here to Be exists to help ensure movement and mindfulness practices are available to those who need it, and advocates for systemic change so that everyone can be well.



We partner with organizations that embrace the healing power of movement and mindfulness, and that advocate for civil and human rights. We provide support that includes:

  • •   Funding – application-driven grants, by-invitation grants, and product donations
  • •   Connection – shared resources, learning, and community-building
  • •   Amplification – internal and external storytelling across our platforms


We work with global, national and local organizations that support communities including:

  • •  People experiencing systems of inequity due to racial/ethnic identity, LGBTQ+, and disability
  • •  Youth
  • •  Humanitarian and disaster relief workers



There are no current or upcoming granting opportunities in 2020. 

Please email if you would like to be notified about funding opportunities in 2021.



A list of our 2019 + 2020 partners is available here .

Stay tuned to learn about who are partners are in Asia.





Our guiding principles for Here to Be anchor how we operate, how we approach partnerships, and every decision in between. They create a foundation for our organization and community to be generative and rooted in integrity, in our actions and relationships. Our guiding principles are:

Courageous naming

  • •    State what is missing, invisible or unacknowledged in the room
  • •    Be a stand for representation so more diverse perspectives can be heard


Shared responsibility

  • •    Acknowledge our responsibility to each other and to the whole of society
  • •    Recognize that our roles and responsibilities are different based on social location


Resilient relationship

  • •    Cultivate relationships rooted in reciprocity
  • •    Celebrate the learning that emerges out of difference, vulnerability and courage


Conscious response

  • •    Respond to the needs determined by the communities who are most impacted
  • •    Engage in a way that reflects your values and checks your privilege


Lead by following

  • •    Trust those who are closest to the problem to lead
  • •    Listen for understanding: you don’t know what you don’t know


These principles were co-created by community leaders and lululemon employees representing a range of perspectives. We invite you to join us in creating change from the inside out, rooted in compassion, right action, justice and love. 


Here to Be



18 Springs | North Carolina, USA

Accessible Yoga | California, USA

Africa Yoga Project | Nairobi, Kenya

Aum Home Shala | Florida, USA

Authentic Praise Ministry | Illinois, USA

Bare Soul Yoga & Wellness | Virgina, USA

Bent on Learning | New York, USA

Black Yoga Teachers Alliance | Maryland, USA

Bmore Empowered | Maryland, USA

Circle Yoga | Washington DC, USA

Collective Being | Melbourne, Australia

CTZNWELL | Washington DC, USA

Dancing Grounds | Louisiana, USA

Eat Breathe Thrive | USA

Edinburgh Community Yoga | Edinburgh, Scotland

Embody Love Movement | Texas, USA

Give Back Yoga Foundation | Colorado, USA

Harmony Hill | Washington, USA

I Grow Chicago | Illinois, USA

Love Your Brain | Vermont, USA

Lumi Foundation | London, England

Mindful Junkie  | Washington, DC, USA

Mindful Yoga Therapy  | Connecticut, USA

Native Strength Revolution | Alabama, USA

New Leaf Foundation | Ontario, Canada

Off the Mat Into the World | California, USA

OG Yoga | California, USA

Our Mala | London, England

Pacific Immigrant Resources Society | British Columbia, Canada

Prison Yoga Project | California, USA

Project Peaceful Warriors | Louisiana, USA

The Body: A Home for Love | Texas, USA

The Dharma Project | Georgia, USA

The Sanctuary in the City | North Carolina, USA

The Trevor Project | California, USA

Trauma Healing Project | Oregon, USA

United We Om | New York, USA

Vinyasa Yoga for Youth | Saskatchewan, Canada

Veterans Yoga Project | California, USA

Yama Foundation | Hong Kong

Yoga4Cancer | New York, USA

Y12SR Community Outreach  | Indiana, USA

Yoga Behind Bars  | Washington, USA

Yoga Ed. | Hawaii, USA

Yoga Outreach Society | British Columbia, Canada

Yoga Punx PDX | Oregon, USA

Yoga for Recovery Foundation | North Carolina, USA

Yoga Service Council | Delaware, USA

Yogis in Service | New York, USA


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