Why We Love This—Store Manager’s Picks



Can you tell us about yourself?

Currently, my favourite interest is to go out and try all the Sichuan hotpot restaurants in town. Besides hotpot, I love also love dragon boat and yoga.


What are you wearing, and why do you like this product?

I love the Outpour Shell. I am not a fan of umbrellas, so this is the jacket I wear whenever it’s raining outside. The fabric is waterproof and it’s seam-sealed, yet it’s breathable with the vent in the front and at the back. It just feels great.


What are your other favourite products?

I love the In Mind Pant. I remember the first time I tried it on, and I was immediately amazed by how light and stretchy the fabric is. The waistband, without a drawcord, is distraction-free, which is perfect when I am in the middle of a long haul flight.


Can you recall your first experience with lululemon?

My first lululemon product was the 5 Year Basic Tee—it was actually about five years ago. I was just trying on the 5 Year Basic Tee for fun, and then there was no going back. From that point, I started trying on different products and fell in love with the brand. Believe it or not, I joined the lululemon team a month after my first purchase.