Why We Love This—Store Manager’s Picks



Can you tell us about yourself?

I would describe myself as a habitual goal seeker. I want to push boundaries physically, mentally, and professionally. I played division one sports in college and found a great deal of joy overcoming obstacles with a team. In the last six years, I have lived and worked in Tokyo, New York, the Bay Area, and Hong Kong. My favourite way to sweat is hypertrophy training and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


What are you wearing, and why do you like this product?

The ABC Pant Slim is the perfect balance of casual and professional—it helps me look the part while being comfortable.


What are your other favourite products?

My other favourite lululemon pieces would be Commission Short or the Evolution Polo because they look professional, fashionable, and comfortable. I love the athletic cut of the polo, and it helps your muscles pop!


Can you recall your first experience with lululemon?

When I first started my journey with the company, I walked in and the first thing I did was read all the vision and goals of the people who were working in the stores. If the company was this personally invested in their people, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. It also helped that the Metal Vent Tech I purchased that day became my favourite gym shirt.